Prithvi.AI hosted three major workshops at IIT Kanpur during their event E-Summit'19. These workshops concentrated on topics like Unlocking Value from AI: Industry and Startups, Design Thinking and, Fintech and Emerging Tech. They also covered different aspects of entrepreneurship varying from Design Thinking to the latest technologies such as AI & ML used to build next successful ventures.

The workshop on AI & ML was conducted by Mr. Ashutosh Joshi and Mr. Nandan Mishra. Ashutosh is a seasoned analytics thought leader with 13+ years of experience in developing and deploying analytical solutions for critical business problems across domains, geographies and functions and our CEO Nandan Mishra is an AI & ML expert, entrepreneur, CEO of Algo8.ai, which has deployed over 50+ AI & ML projects around the globe.

The workshop on Fintech and Emerging Tech was conducted by Mr. Sudin Baraokar. Sudin is an Emerging Technology and Innovation expert in Blockchain, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has over two decades of Industry Experience in Product Engineering and Development. Sudin talked about how emerging tech is being used in finance industry.

The workshop on Design Thinking was conducted by Mr. Deepak Sharma. Deepak is an International lean-Agile Coach and has more than 20 years of corporate experience. He is also a marathon runner! In the workshop, He discussed how we should frame our thoughts while working in a startup culture and also told us about the importance of Design Thinking. Overall it was very informative and a massive success.

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