Drones generate vast amounts of data, which is usually in the form of images or video streams. Identification of objects of interest, counting them, or detecting change over time, are some of the tasks that are monotonous and labor intensive. We offer a complete solution to automate such tasks. It has been designed and optimized specifically for drone applications. The cloud-based training system leverages the scalability of the cloud to accelerate the training of models, to suit various customer requirements. Based on the use-case, the trained model can be deployed in the cloud (for post-processing of data) or on the edge (for real-time analysis).


Computer vision systems, mounted on drones, enable them to gather rich visual data either in the form of photos or videos. Processing this data using AI unfolds unique perspectives and information, which otherwise would be either impossible or very expensive to derive using traditional techniques involving human effort.

  • Object Detection

Identify and locate objects of interest in an image.


  • Object Counting

Identify and count objects of interest in an image.


  • Image Segmentation

Classify pixels in an image into multiple finite segments to simplify representation.


  • Change Detection

Detect changes between two temporally spaced images.


  • Image Classification

Classify an image into one of the known categories of images.

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